So who am I?

P4 col

My name is Paul Chapman, a photographer from Frimley Green in Surrey, UK.

I’ve been shooting seriously for about 10 years but have been interested in photography since I was a teenager.

I have been fortunate to have a number of images shown in exhibitions across the UK, and in November 2014 was honoured to be asked to guest judge a photo competition for The Photographic Angle. You can see the winners here.

I enjoy all areas of photography from family portraits to nature, architecture and street photography. I also enjoy being creative in an abstract way – either in camera or with photo apps on my phone or with Photoshop.

Most recently I’ve been enjoying doing a bit of product and food photography too.

I hope you like what you see and feel inspired by my photographs.

All my items are for sale either digitally (contact me for details) or in print via my web site which you can get to by clicking on the portfolio links on the right.

As well as this web site I also have an account on the photo sharing web site Flickr and an account on Instagram so if you are on either of these platforms and feel like connecting then please get in touch – I always follow back (well, almost always).


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