No Briton Is An Island exhibition touring again

Still playing catch-up with my photos and uploaded two weeks of my Project XLV images last weekend. You can find the slideshow of all images here.

Day 127
Day 127

Many of them have been shot with my Xperia phone as it’s been difficult to find the time to get out with the DSLR despite the fine weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK. Having said that, the product shot above and the butterfly further down were both taken with the ‘big boy’ camera.

Day 132
Day 132

Several shots have come in handy for my 116 Pictures in 2016 Project too, like this one for the theme ‘Fragile’.

Day 128
Day 128

The “No Briton Is An Island” exhibition – which was the first one that I had pictures exhibited in – is touring again this month. It’s been to Swindon already, from today it’s in Birmingham then Reading next week followed by two venues in London. Here are a couple of shots of mine that are included;



Motorway light trails

I’m also looking forward to the new “Creativity” show coming to Bracknell from next Wednesday, I’ll post some shots from there after I’ve been.

If you’re interested in Photographic Exhibitions, you really should check out The Photographic Angle’s list of upcoming events.



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