Back to work

After six weeks enforced leave, I am now back in an office environment for my 9-5.

New Stairs

My new employer has a massive office space which is currently only about 30% utilised so there are prospects for some interesting office environments plus the chance to look around the area at lunchtime (and of course on my way to/ from work).

Day 107
Day 107

Had a couple of days our last week shooting – locally at the lakes, then further afield. The shot above is from the lakes walk and the one below from a place called Silent Pool just outside Guildford. Although not very big, I did get a couple of nice shots including this one of the pool and the plants growing under the water.

Day 109
Day 109

I also spent a few hours at Box Hill in Surrey, I’ll add some more from this trip in the next post.

Day 108
Day 108

I’m now one third of the way through my 365 Project – it’s a lot easier when you have a day out than when the day is miserable and wet and you spend the whole time in doors!



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