Shot Of The Week – Cocktail Bar

The theme for last week was ‘Film’ and I decided to go with this shot of an empty cocktail bar as the pink colours reminded me of the film ‘Cocktail’. Taken with my phone and processed in SnapSeed;


Apart from that, I had a good week with my 365 Project XLV and got some interesting shots. This one was taken out of the window of my car as I was coming home from work.

Day 16
Day 16

I spotted the train high up on the embankment and managed to get it in the frame. These sorts of shots are a bit hit and miss as you can’t see the results as you go along but I was quite pleased with the result.

I’ve also been making use of the Nik Efex plug-ins that I downloaded recently and have used them in these three images;

Trees and mist


Day 19
Day 19


Day 20
Day 20

They are adding another dimension to some my images that I really like and providing another creative tool.

Finally, it doesn’t matter where you are or what kit you have there’s always a photograph somewhere nearby as this shot taken through my windscreen with my phone during a down poor demonstrates.

Day 18
Day 18

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