Shot of the Week – Look up

Theme for the week last week was “Look Up” which was a great choice with plenty of scope for interpretation. I was fortunate enough to bag my shot on Easter Saturday, right at the start of the new week so that was a welcome change.

Day 6
Day 6

This was taken on my phone at the local shopping centre. Thanks to the dull grey sky I was able to expose the iron work in the ceiling. The shot was processed in Snapseed on my phone and then I tweaked it a bit more with the Nik Silver Effects plug-in for Photoshop.

Day 9
Day 9

So I’m two weeks in to my 365 Project XLV and so far it’s going OK. I did notice that my initial shot for Day 1 is showing as 22nd March not 21st because I forgot to change the time on my camera back to GMT last autumn and the picture was taken at about 11:12pm GMT which showed as 00:12 on my camera.

What I am finding is that on some days I am actually getting 2 or three shots to post. People say that doing a 365 will really advance your photography and by taking more than one a day this is massively increasing my output which has to be good.


I am also trying to use the 5D MKII as much as possible, as this is my main camera and it’s only by regular use that the action of changing settings, metering etc. become second nature. That said, I am also taking shots with my phone. Here are two examples of almost the same shot – first one taken with the phone and Snapseed, the other with the 5D and Nik effects.

Day 12
Day 12

M25 5D

On Friday I also had the first chance to use my flash trigger/ receivers and control output from the on-camera trigger which went really well, I’ll have a bit more of a play with this and write something more detailed in the next week or two.

If you’ve ever thought about try a 365 challenge, I’d definitely recommend it.


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