Project XLV

Lots to talk about today, firstly theme for last week was Childhood Memories and so I shot this as my entry, using my Kindle Fire as the shiny black surface the TV providing back-light (paused at a point where most of the screen was white) and one of my little LED lights as the key light;

Day 3
Day 3

Second exciting thing, is that I got another mention on the Gina Milicia podcast “So You Want To Be A Photographer” where the theme was cliché. Gina and Valerie liked my selective colour shot of the public bikes in Melbourne.


The main piece of news is that I’ve decided to start a 365 Project – where I take and post a photo every day for a year. Monday of last week was my 45th Birthday and so this seemed a good time to start something that I’d been considering for a while.

Day 1
Day 1

I’m calling this Project XLV as I will be documenting a year of being 45 and I’ve set up a dedicated page which you can find in the menu that will contain a slideshow of all the photos, and also an album on my Flickr account if you want to see (and read) more about the shots. Of course I’ll pick out a few and include them in my blog too.

Day 8
Day 8

Something that will help with getting a photo every day is that I’ve converted our dining room into a mini photo studio as you can see below. Compete with background stands, umbrella boxes, reflectors, booms and other stuff.


I used the big umbrella box and reflector for the above shot of the caramel choux bun. I’m planning to shoot some more still life and product shots as well as getting to grips with photographing glassware so watch this space.

Day 5
Day 5

If you find you don’t get enough time with your camera, why not start your own 365 project – it’ll force you to be looking for opportunities every day and develop your creative eye.


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